Roseville to Montclair

From the crossovers and junction with the three track Morristown Line, heading west-northwest, at Roseville Avenue (MP 9.0), the Montclair Line diverges north-northwest, turning just west of due north almost immediately, double track, current-of-traffic (Rule 251), Automatic Block Signals immediately, maximum speed 50 mph for passenger trains and 40 mph for freight trains, but with a local restriction to 20/10 mph at the junction, past a road bridge overhead, with the line in a trench with concrete side walls, a crossover just north of the road bridge, extra track to the east, and the former station (closed 1984, but the side platforms are still there) at Ampere, turning north-northwest past three bridges over streets, a road bridge overhead, an erstwhile Erie branch to West Orange, which once bridged overhead, with a southwest quadrant connecting track, a road bridge overhead, Intermediate Signals at MP 8.1, multiple bridges carrying the Golden State Parkway overhead.

There is a passenger station (two side platforms) at Watsessing Avenue (MP 10.9), still in the trench, a stream alongside to the west, a bridge over a street, the passenger station (two side platforms) at Bloomfield (MP 11.6), a bridge over a street, the erstwhile siding to the former GM plant to the west, a street alongside to the west, a bridge over a street, the passenger station (two side platforms in a cutting, stone depot above to the west) at Glen Ridge (MP 12.2), crossovers, a road bridge overhead, the stream to the west, again, a 45 mph passenger speed restriction on the curve from MP 12.4 to MP 12.6, the Bloomfield Avenue road bridge overhead, the passenger station (two high-level side platforms) at Bay Street, Montclair (MP 12.8), where the Lackawanna Branch once headed away northwest, prior to the construction of the 2003 connection, Intermediate Signals at MP 12.9, a grade crossing, and a grade crossing at the junction with the (erstwhile right-of-way, to the south, of) the former Erie Greenwood Lake line, operated as the NJ Transit Boonton line, south of Walnut Street station, Montclair (MP 13.2/12.1).