Jamaica to Springfield Junction, via St. Albans

From the junction at Jay (MP 8.7), where the car yard tracks, and the lines from Long Island City via Fresh Pond and from Flatbush Avenue, trail in on the south side, and just north of due east, past the major interchange passenger station at Jamaica (MP 9.0, the junction at Hall (MP 9.1), where the line to Locust Manor and Rosedale turns away south, Union Hall Street, and the wye on the south side where the St. Albans line turns away south-southeast, at the LIRR Hillside Shops (MP 10.7), that third-rail electrified line passes Holban Yard, on the east side at the south apex of the wye, the passenger station at St. Albans (MP 11.8), Springfield Gardens, and Springfield Junction, where it turns just south of due east as the line via Locust Manor trails in on the south side.