Stamford to New Canaan

From the junction at CP 234/Stam (MP 0.2), where the four track, CTC, overhead electrified, main line continues east-northeast and the single track, overhead electrified, New Canaan line branches away to the north-northeast, with speed limit 60 mph for passenger trains and 30 mph for freights (20 mph on the junction), past MP 2.0, where the passenger speed limit drops to 40 mph, but there is a local 20 mph speed restriction between MP 2.0 and Glenbrook Road, when heading north, the passenger station at Glenbrook (MP 2.2), a westward speed restriction of 20 mph between Crescent Street and MP 2.5, the passenger station at Springdale (MP 3.6), the passenger station at Talmadge Hill (MP 5.7), MP 7.4, where there is a 25 mph speed restriction for northbound trains as far as CP307 (MP 7.6), whence there is a 10 mph speed restriction to the terminal passenger station at New Canaan (MP 7.9), where the depot is on the west side of the line.