West End to Kearney Connection

From the crossovers and junction at West End (MP 2.2), where the four tracks of the non-electrified lines (Track 4 is electrified for about a mile, formerly serving the erstwhile Lackawanna  EMU car shops), heading north-northwest, split off on the north side of the four tracks of the electrified lines, heading west, which reduce to three tracks at crossovers just west of a bridge over a street, west of the junction, there is a bridge over another freight connection south from the former Erie, the New York, Susquehanna & Western, and the former New York Central West Shore line, the west leg of an electrified wye with the non-electrified lines trails in on the north side, and a viaduct over a road below, the former Lakawanna electrified lines continue, three tracks wide, Rule 261, Automatic Block Signals, 25 kV 60Hz AC overhead catenary, maximum speed 79 mph for EMUs and electric-hauled passenger trains, 60 mph for other passenger trains, and 25 mph for freight trains past the signaled through-truss movable bridge over the Hackensack River at Lower Hack (MP 2.7).

An erstwhile connecting line left on the north side at Sanfords (MP 3.9), where there is a station serving the Meadowlands Maintenance Center (Kearny Shops) for employees only, and crossovers, and the line continues west, past an angled road bridge overhead, crossovers at Meadows (MP 4.3), the west end of the NJT Kearny Shops (at least twelve tracks with shop buildings, one with nine tracks) on the south side of the line, where a track goes off to the south for the Waterfront Connection to the NEC and Track 2 (eastward) becomes current-of-traffic (Rule 251), to Kearny Junction (MP 5.7), where the Northeast Corridor line bridges overhead and there are connectors on the north side of the line, with the Northeast Corridor line at its Kearney Connection, and crossovers permitting access to all NJT tracks. The Center Street Branch goes off to the south at the overhead highway bridge carrying teh New Jersey Turnpike.