West End to Montclair

From the crossovers and junction at West End (MP 2.2), where the non-electrified lines, heading north-northwest, split off on the north side of the electrified lines, heading west, there is a bridge over another freight connection south from the former Erie, the New York, Susquehanna & Western, and the former New York Central West Shore line, and the west leg of a wye with the non-electrified lines trails in on the north side, the non-electrified lines are single track, Rule 261, Automatic Block Signals, maximum speed 60 mph for passenger trains and 40 mph for freight trains, but local restriction 25 mph on the curve from MP 2.6 to MP 2.9, past the split into the former Lackawanna Main Line, heading north-northwest, and the former New York & Greenwood Lake (now the Boonton Line), heading northwest, with a 25/10 mph speed restriction from MP 4.0, past the Newark Industrial Track trailing in from just south of due east, on the north side, from Croxton Yard, at DB Junction (MP 4.2), and turning just north of due west, under the bridge carrying the Northeast Corridor and across the movable bridge over the Hackensack River, where the line expands to Double Track, current-of-traffic (Rule 251), Automatic Block Signals, and full line speed prevail from MP 4.6.

An erstwhile connecting line once trailed in on the south side at the junction at Kearny, where a former Erie freight-only track departs to the west-southwest, and the Boonton Line turns west-northwest, north-northwest past a bridge over the former Lackawanna line from Harrison to Kingsland and the passenger station at Arlington (MP 6.9), where the maximum passenger speed drops to 50 mph, northwest over the Passaic River on the West Arlington Drawbridge (MP 7.6), with a 25 mph speed restriction on the bridge, west-northwest and then north-northwest, past a 30/25 mph speed restriction on the curve from MP 7.7 to MP 7.9, a bridge over a former Erie line, the passenger station at North Newark (MP 8.0), the handthrow crossovers and junction with the Orange Industrial Track on the west side at Forest Hill (MP 8.5), a 25 mph freight speed restriction from MP 9.0 to MP 15.0, the handthrow crossover at Belwood Park (MP 9.7), and the passenger station at Rowe Street, Bloomfield (MP 9.9).

The line turns curvily northwest, with a 40 mph passenger speed restriction on Track 2 from MP 10.0 to MP 12.0 and a 40 mph passenger speed restriction on the curve at Walnut Street, Bloomfield, from MP 10.1 to MP 10.4, past the passenger station at Benson Street, Glen Ridge (MP 11.0), a 35 mph passenger speed restriction on the curve from MP 12.0 to MP 12.2, and the passenger station at Walnut Street, Montclair (MP 12.1).