Woodbridge Junction to South Amboy

From the junction with the single track non-electrified Chemical Coast Secondary, trailing in from just east of due north, at Wood (MP E5.1), the NJT North Jersey Coast Line heads southeast, double track, Rule 261, Automatic Block Signals,  AC overhead electrification, maximum speed 70 mph for passenger trains and 30 mph for freight trains, but local 60 mph passenger speed restriction, from MP E4.8 to MP E6.7/0.0 and MP 0.1, past the station (two low-level side platforms) at Perth Amboy, extra track to the west, a former crossing with an erstwhile former Lehigh Valley line, a 35 mph speed restriction from MP 0.1 to MP 0.7, over the deck trestle and through-truss swing span signaled movable bridge over the Raritan River at River (MP 0.4), to the crossovers (10 mph) and junction with the non-electrified Amboy Secondary, heading south-southwest at Essay (MP 0.7), where the NJ Coast Line turns just east of due south.