Woodlawn to New Rochelle

From the flyover junction at CP 112 (MP 11.8), where the New Haven Line turns away just north of due east, from the outer tracks (with the inbound track bridging over the Harlem Line to the north side of the outbound track, and immediately expands to three tracks, with passenger speed limit 45 mph and freight speed limit 25 mph, the TCS line passes a box labeled "212" on the south side, crossovers at CP 212 (MP 12.5), where the line expands to four tracks and the speed limit rises to 60/35, a road bridge overhead, a street alongside to the south, three road bridges overhead a stone cutting, two road bridges overhead, two through-truss road bridges overhead, and the passenger station with two side platforms at Mount Vernon (MP 14.0),

Overhead electrification catenary starts at Columbus Avenue, and the third-rail ends somewhat further east, and the line turns just south of due east, past a through-truss road bridge overhead, two bridges over streets, a bridge over an Interstate Highway, MP 15.0, where the speed limit rises to 70/40, the passenger station with two side platforms and depot to the north at Pelham (MP 15.2), a passenger speed restriction of 60 mph between MP 15.8 and MP 16.0, as the line gradually turns east-northeast, and a speed restriction of 30/25 from MP 16.0 to MP 16.5, past crossovers in a cutting, a cemetery to the south, two bridges over streets, a road bridge overhead, and  the junctions at CP 216 (MP 16.3), formerly Shell Tower (with the old tower standing on the south side), in New Rochelle, where the double track Amtrak line trails into the south side (MP 15/10 on the turnouts) of the original New Haven four track, CTC, route from Grand Central, now owned by Metro-North, heading northeast.