Saratoga to North Creek

The former Delaware & Hudson North Creek branch is now operated by Iowa Pacific Industries. Starting from a platform on the west side of the former D&H Canadian Main Line, the line runs north-northeast, alongside that main line, before turning away north at 'AO'. It then turns curvily west, makes a clockwise horseshoe back around to the east-northeast, and turns north-northeast past Kings, just west of due north, past South Corinth, and just east of due north past Corinth before coming alongside the west bank of the Hudson River.

Turning just west of due north, the line bridges over a branch of the Hudson to Hadley, and continues along the west bank of another branch of the Hudson River, gradually curving to the north-northeast, following the river, past Athol, and then curving north-northwest, still following the river, past Thurman, where an erstwhile branch to Warrensburg once left to the east, and Riverside, before river and line curve around to the west to reach North Creek, where an end-on junction was once made with an erstwhile industrial line north to Tahawus.