Stratford to Silver

From the 2,920 ft. siding and passenger station at Stratford (MP 88.5, and the junction with the Newton sub., heading away north-northeast, at Newton Junction (MP 88.3), the single track, OCS, main line continues east, through farming countryside, past the 1,020 ft. siding at Shakespeare (MP 82.0), and the 3,140 ft. siding at New Hamburg (MP 75.0), where it turns northeast, past a detector at MP 73.6, and then east-northeast, past the 1,500 ft. siding at Petersburg (MP 69.2), the junction with the Huron Park Spur (MP 63.0), heading south, the 13,550 ft. siding at Kitchener (MP 62.7), the junction with the Waterloo Spur (MP 62.5), heading north, a bridge over a river, the 1,070 ft. siding at Breslau (MP 58.4), a detector at MP 56.2, the 1,550 ft. siding at Mosborough (MP 53.9), and Guelph Junction (MP 49.8), where a line from Galt trails in on the south side and the Guelph North Spur heads north.

Guelph is a university town, where there is the 4,800 ft. siding and passenger station at Guelph (MP 48.8), and a CP line to Hamilton turns away south, with the Guelph sub. continuing east-northeast and then northeast, to the 2,530 ft. siding at Rockcut (MP 41.7), where it turns east-northeast again, past a bridge over a river, a detector at MP 37.2, the 2,670 ft. siding at Acton (MP 35.6), where it turns east-southeast and then east-northeast again, and the junction with the Halton sub., trailing in from the south, and heading east-northeast, at Silver (MP 30.0), where the Guelph sub. ends.