Newtown Junction to Cheltenham

From CP-Newtown Junction (MP 6.2), where the double track main line continues northeast, two separate tracks,  the former Conrail Trenton Line, to the south and the SEPTA Fox Chase Line to the north, the latter with AC overhead electrification, head away east, past three bridges over streets (of which the middle one has no street!), with the line on embankment, a turn northeast, where an erstwhile connection, of which no physical signs remain in 2008, from the Reading 3rd Street line once trailed in from the southwest (i.e., on the south side), a bridge over a street, the passenger station at Olney (MP 7.3), with low-level platform and brick depot on the north side, and unused low-level platform on the south side of the freight-only track, a road bridge overhead, extra track on the north side, a bridge over a stream, Crescentville, where a branch to Frankford once headed south-southeast, a bridge over a road in the woods, the passenger station at Lawndale (MP 9.0), with a north-side low-level platform, and an unused south-side low-level platform on the other track, a road bridge overhead, and the "junction" at CP-Cheltenham Junction (MP 9.6), where the single track, CSX, Trenton Line, to which there is no physical connection at this location, continues northeast, and the SEPTA Fox Chase line turns north-northeast, with a second track on the south side for a short distance.