Woodbourne to West Trenton

From signals at CP-Woodbourne (MP 26.4), where the north leg of that wye trails in on the east side, and a road bridge overhead just west of the passenger station at Woodbourne (MP 26.5), with two side platforms, each with a shelter, the double track, CTC, former Reading line, once used by B&O passenger trains to New York City, with AC overhead electrification, to West Trenton continues north-northeast, past a grade crossing just east of the station, CP Wood (MP 26.9), where the (former PRR) Conrail Morrisville Line bridges overhead on a through girder bridge, with a connecting track descending on the north side of the SEPTA line, and Conrail (now CSX) ownership starts, with extra track and a road alongside to the north and a road to the south, and turns northeast past signals, a grade crossing, dual road bridges overhead, two grade crossings, signals at MP 28.1, an old freight shed to the north, a grade crossing, signals at MP 29.1, a bridge over a road, signals at MP 30.1, the passenger station at Yardley (MP 30.7), with two side platforms and a "depot" to the north, a bridge over a street, a bridge over a canal, the deck girder viaduct over the Delaware River into New Jersey, a bridge over a canal, a bridge over a divided street, brick Trent Tower on the west side, and the passenger station (two side platforms, waiting room on the north side and depot to the south) at West Trenton (MP 32.5) and the SEPTA West Trenton Yard at Trent (MP 32.6), the connection to the Trenton Industrial Track.