Heber Valley Railroad

The northeast end of the railroad (MP 0.0) is half a mile east of the Heber City Depot (MP 0.5), with speed limit 5 mph between them. At the latter, the locomotive facilities include a large shed and several tracks on the north side of the line, with a 630 ft. siding at the depot, which is also on the north side of the line. Heber City is at the upper end of the line, which heads west and downwards towards, but not reaching, its former junction with the D&RGW mainline at Provo.

The line runs on Train Order, heading southwest, and has a speed limit of 12 mph west of Heber City, starting out across alpine meadows, past a line relocation away from the original routing, now flooded by Deer Creek Lake, an artificial lake, taking the line west to the 610 ft. siding at Charleston (MP 3.7), and then just west of due south, along the west side of the lake, turning curvily southwest, still along the shore of the lake, past the 710 ft. siding at Decker's Bay (MP 7.5), Wallsburg (MP 9.5), and a 1,214 ft. siding at Deer Creek (MP 10.9), where the speed limit falls to 10 mph.

Past the dam that created the lake, the line jogs due south, and then enters a narrow tree-filled valley (mostly quaking aspens) and heads downgrade alongside the river, still curvily southwest, past Redwood Trestle (MP 14.2). About two-thirds of the way down the valley, the line reaches the current end of track at the 700 ft. siding at Vivian Park (MP 16.2), where the speed limit falls to 5 mph for the rest of the way (not authorized for passengers) to the end of the track at MP 17.8.