Salt Lake City (Grant Tower) to Ogden

From Grant Tower (MP 782.5), the west apex of a large wye, where the speed limit is 10 mph, legs of the wye connect with the lines west to Smelter, south to Provo, and north to Ogden, via Salt Lake City (MP 782.8), at the north apex of the wye, where the one-time Union Pacific brick depot, with its magnificent interior murals, still stands on the east side of the line, albeit no longer in railroad ownership, with a street overbridge just to its north. The line is double track, initially in Yard Limits with speed limit increasing from 10 mph to 20 mph, north, north-northwest past SP Hold (MP 783.4, on the westernmost track only), North Yard (MP 783.6), where the yard is on the east side of the line, and north past detectors at MP 784.9, crossovers at 18th North (MP 785.4), where the speed limit rises to 30 mph and Three Main Tracks, CTC, begin. (From MP 782.9, CTC applies to Track 3 (the "north", i.e. westernmost track, the former D&RGW line) only, with track 1 (center) and track 2 ("south") unsignaled to MP 785.4, where CTC begins on all three tracks.)

The line continues north, past Becks (MP 786.1), where a spur heads west and once served the Salt Lake Stockyards and the North Salt Lake Elevator, SP North Salt Lake (MP 787.6), the south end of a connector between the former D&RGW line, which diverges north of this point (and ends near Centerville), and the former OSL line, where the speed limit rises to 75 mph, North Salt Lake (MP 787.9), where the number of tracks drops to Two Main Tracks, CTC, where the line edges east of due north, away from the former D&RGW line, a detector at MP 788.7, Pioneer (MP 789.2), Woods Cross (MP 791.3), crossovers at Centerville (MP 793.4), where there is a spur and the line turns north again, and Farmington (MP 797.3), where the speed limit is 65 mph and the line turns north-northwest.

There was once a detector at MP 799.7, and the line passes Kaysville (MP 802.5), where the speed limit rises to 70 mph and there is a 6,352 ft. siding, Layton (MP 803.9), where it turns northwest, CP C807 (MP 807.2), where there are crossovers and a center 4,727 ft. siding,  and the line turns north-northwest, Clearfield (MP 809.3), where there is a wye on the west side with a spur running west to Barnes (and formerly Syracuse), a turn to the north, crossovers at CP C811 (MP 811.5), Roy, a curve to the northeast and then one to the east, Lodjic (MP 816.7), crossovers at Bridge Junction (MP 817.8), where a loop track departs to the south and then turns east to join the eastward main in a northerly direction, south of the upcoming wye), crossovers at CP C818 (MP 818.0), west apex of a wye with tracks curving both south and north, CP C 819 (MP 818.2), north apex of the wye where the eastward main trails in and the south end of the Ogden yards complex begins, on the west side, and Ogden (MP 0.0, a mile north of MP 818.2), where the Ogden Union Station depot is now a museum, on the east side of the line.