Smelter to Salt Lake City (Grant Tower)

From the crossovers at Smelter (MP 766.4), where the ex-WP line from Oakland trails in from the west, the ex-WP and ex-LA&SL lines are operated as Two Main Tracks, CTC, with speed limit 79-70, heading east. There is a junction with a spur into the Garfield Smelter & refinery, along the south side of the line, at Garfield Pit, and at Garfield Junction, where the lines enter onto the 1997 deviation away from their original routing (to make way for more smelter facilities), a Rio Grande line once crossed at grade, and the lines turn east-northeast, past Garfield, where there is a 6,153 ft. siding on the south side (MP 767.6 to MP 768.6), and a 5,832 ft. siding on the north side (MP 768.2-769.3), with crossovers just east of the latter and a small yard on the south side.

The lines turn east just before Saltus, and pass through Fox before regaining their original alignments at Terminal (ex-WP), where there is a spur heading north, and Old Centennial Park (ex-LA&SL), with a 6,000 ft. siding on the south side at Buena Vista (MP 777.9-779.1), with New Centennial Park about halfway along it and an ex-LA&SL line heading away to the east-southeast to the 9th-South Crossings, a connection on the north side with the Salt Lake, Garfield & Western, which runs along, or just beyond, the north side of the line and then trails into it at SLGW Shops, crossovers at Orange Street (MP 780.5), where the speed limit is 20 mph, bridges over the Jordan River, there is a wye junction with the  former Rio Grande main line on the south side, and another ex-D&RGW line trails in from the southwest at Grant Tower (MP 782.5), the west apex of a large wye, where the speed limit is 10 mph as legs of the wye connect with the lines north to Ogden, via Salt Lake City (MP 782.8) and south to Provo. Union Station, used by Amtrak since its switch to the D&RGW line to Denver in July 1983, is on the line south from the wye.