Napa Valley Wine Train

From Napa (MP 69.8), where the line is in yard limits with speed limit 10 mph, the single-track Direct Traffic Control line starts out heading due north, into the Napa Block, with speed limit 25 mph, but soon turns to the northwest, crossing and re-crossing the highway through the Napa Valley connecting all of the vineyards, running across the valley floor resplendent with vineyards of wine grapes supplying the many wineries located in the area, between the golden hillsides that form the natural boundaries of the valley.

The line turns north-northwest and passes Union (MP 71.8), Oak Knoll (MP 74.2), the 1,500 ft. siding at Yountville (MP 78.0), where the Napa Block ends and the Oakville Block starts, Oakville (MP 81.5), the 850 ft. siding at Rutherford (MP 83.4), where the Oakville Block ends and the St. Helena Block starts, and Thomann (MP 86.1), where the speed limit drops to 20 mph, to the 1,000 ft siding ar Saint Helena (MP 87.6), in yard limits with speed limit 10 mph.