Gateway Yard

Gateway Yard was built by the Alton & Southern, which is now wholly owned by the Union Pacific.

There are ten arrival tracks, feeding over the hump in an easterly direction and around a balloon track into the 66-track classification yard in a westerly direction. Another balloon leads to a seven-track departure yard. In 1999, the hump was handling 2,400 cars per day.

In 1999, the yard made up 22 departures per day, some of them local, to St. Louis industries (4), Rose Lake, and, while otehrs head longer distances to Clearing Yard (Chicago), Nashville, Englewood Yard (Houston), Avon (indianapolis), Selkirk (Albany, NY), Livonia, Springfield IL, Madison Yard, Kansas City (2), Pine Bluff (2), North Platte, Cincinnati, Arlintong TX, North Little Rock, Proviso (Chicago), Battle Creek MI, Elkhart, Conway, and Decatur, some of them combined into the same train.