Baden to Louisiana

From the wye with the TRRA North Belt District on the west side of the line at Baden (MP 9.4), where the speed limit has risen to 45 mph, the single track, CTC, line heads north, past a spur heading northeast to the City of St. Louis Wtaer Works, as the line leaves the river bank, jogging north-northwest and then north again, and out into the countryside,  past the spur at Prospect Hill (MP 10.4), rump of an erstwhile TRRA line trailing in from the west, and Bissell, turning north-northeast and then just east of due north again, past the spur at Larimore (MP 13.2), the 8,924 ft. siding at Spanish Lake (MP 14.9), and a detector at MP 14.9, where the line swings north-northwest and then west-northwest, turning just west of due north past Fort Bellefontaine, and then north-northeast, crossing the Missouri River on a large through truss bridge (the Bellefontaine Bridge, with a 10 mph speed restriction) just upstream of its confluence with the Mississippi, to the 10,620 ft. siding at West Alton (MP 20.4), where the 10 mph speed restriction ends and the full line speed of 60 mph starts, there was once a wye on the east side with an erstwhile line across the Alton bridge to Alton Junction, and the line turns west-northwest.

There is a detector at MP 22.7, a line north-northeast to the Sioux Power Plant on the Mississippi River from U.E. (MP 25.3), where the line turns just south of due west, past the 10,243 ft. siding at Machens (MP 26.9), where an MKT line once headed away southwest, Wilkie, the spur at Orchard Farm (MP 33.5), Blase, the spur at Seeburger (MP 36.9), and Kampville, on the west bank of the Mississippi, turning west-northwest, past a detector at MP 42.2, Peruque, the 7,009 ft. siding at Gibbs (MP 44.4), Firma, and Cuivre Junction, where a branch once trailed in from the south and the line turns north, following but not on the west bank of the river, past the 7,335 ft. siding at Old Monroe (MP 51.6), where a line once headed west, Brevator, a detector at MP 55.3, the spur at Winfield (MP 56.1), where there is a 50 mph speed restriction, Foley, Kings Lake, Oasis, Apex, where the line angles just west of due north, the 10,237 ft. siding at Elsberry (MP 68.2), where the speed limit is back to 60 mph on a stretch of Track Warrant Control, Automatic Block Signals, Dameron, a detector at MP 72.6, and a spur at Annada (MP 75.4).

The line turns due north past Kissenger, west-northwest and then just west of due north to Clarksville (MP 84.1), on the river bank, where there is a 40 mph speed restriction as the line turns west, and then northwest, the 6,205 ft. siding at Dundee (MP 86.4), where the speed restriction has risen to 45 mph and the line is running right on the riverbank, McIntosh, where the line starts to curve following the riverbank, the spur from Hercules Company, to the south, at Cosgrove (MP 92.9), the flat crossing with the Gateway Western line across the river at GWWR Xing (MP 83.6), where the speed restriction is 35 mph, and the junction with the Gateway Western's western quadrant connector, facing north, at Louisiana (MP 94.1).