Bremen to SH Interlocking

Bremen (MP 6.3) is the south apex of a wye from which the west leg turns northeast onto the West Belt District, while the east leg turns to go past West Approach (MP 6.9), where the north leg of the wye from the West Belt District trails in, over the BNSF Hannibal line on the riverbank below, and over the Merchants Bridge into Illinois. The speed limit over the bridge, on the 2MT, TCS, line is 20-15. On the Illinois side of the river, about half a mile in, the line, running on steel viaduct, passes over the former Chicago & Alton line south along the east bank, the r-o-w of the former Big Four line, and the former Wabash line south along the east bank of the river, running side by side, and descends another half mile east to the intersection at SH Interlocking (MP 8.4), where the Merchants District line turns north, with connections south onto the Wiggins East Side District past Madison Yard, southeast and then south onto the Illinois Transfer District, passing along the east side of Madison Yard, and east to East Madison Junction, with connections south from the line north to all of these lines, also.