Grand Avenue to Gratiot

The tracks owned and operated by the Terminal Railroad Association of St. Louis (TRRA) head east-southeast from Grand Avenue (CP 0802, MP 0.0), where the former Wabash route now occupied by the St. Louis Metrolink/BiState Light Rail Line is alongside to the north, with the Grand Boulevard road bridge overhead. The line is Two Main Tracks, with the north track operated by the Traffic Control System (TCS), while the south track is ABS. The speed limit is 30-20. East of the cantilever signal bridge at Teresa Avenue (MP 0.2), where there is an eponymous road bridge overhead, the light rail shops lie on the north side of that line's two tracks. There is a former MoPac yard on the south side of the TRRA line at 23rd Street, a second pair of tracks south of the former MP yard, and a road bridge overhead at Compton Avenue. The remaining tracks north into the erstwhile St. Louis Union Station (what is left of the former double overlapping wyes into that station), as well as the tracks into the current Amtrak 16th Street Station, separate on the north side of the north pair of tracks at 23rd Street Interlock (MP 1.2, signals labeled 56E and 56W), where the main line becomes TCS-operated on both tracks. There is a road bridge overhead at Jefferson Avenue, west of the former double wyes, and another road bridge overhead at 18th Street, east of the former double wyes. The Amtrak depot is on the north side of the passenger tracks at 16th Street.

The passenger tracks return, on the north side, at 14th Street Interlock (MP 2.0), where there is also an eponymous road bridge overhead, and the line falls to single track, TCS, on the viaduct over the location of the former TRRA connection curving north into the Eads Tunnel, bridging over Tucker Boulevard, to the junction at Gratiot (MP 2.5), where there is a tower on the south side of the line, the TRRA MacArthur Bridge District heads east-southeast towards the eponymous bridge, with a flat crossing over the ex-MP tracks at the east end of its 23rd Street Yard, while the Merchants District turns away to the east on the north side of the ex-MP tracks.

Amtrak trains to the east used to leave St. Louis over the Terminal Railroad Associationís Merchants District, until the mid 2000s, but now use the TRRA MacArthur Bridge District.