HN Cabin to A&S Crossing

From the flat crossings with the former B&O (single track) and former PRR (double track), with northwest quadrant connector with the latter, at HN Cabin (MP 9.8), the line continues north, Two Main Tracks, past Yard Limits ending in favor of Automatic Block Signals at MP 10.0, where the maximum speed rises to 30 mph, and the 3,770 ft. siding at Long Siding (MP 10.5), turning west, onto a bridge over an arm of Horseshoe Lake, west-northwest, northwest onto a bridge over another arm of Horseshoe Lake, past Double Track Junction (MP 13.6), where the line reduces to single track, Yard Limits, maximum speed 20 mph, and north past the 1,900 ft. NKP Siding (MP 14.6) to the flat crossings with the former Nickel Plate (with southeast quadrant connector) and former Litchfield & Madison, later C&NW, at NS-CNS Xing also known as A&S Crossing (MP 14.7), where the maximum speed is 10 mph and there is a connector turning west to the north side of the former CNW.