Iron Mountain Junction to Springfield

The location that is Iron Mountain Junction on the UP is known as Tower grove (MP 2.6) on the BNSF, former Frisco, line. At this point, that line is 2MT, Yard Limits, with a 10 mph speed limit, heading west, past crossovers at Knox Avenue (MP 5.3), where it turns southwest, away from the adjacent ex-MP line, the BNSF Lindenwood yard (MP 7.1), where the speed limit rises to 30 mph, Southeastern Junction  (MP 7.2), where Yard Limits end, the River sub. turns away south, there was once a connector in the northern quadrant up to the TRRA Shrewsbury Line, which has now been taken over by the Metrolink Light rail system, and the Cuba sub. becomes double track, ABS, a bridge where the ex-TRRA line passes overhead, the yard at Shrewsbury (MP 7.9), at the foot of Kirkwood Hill, where the speed limit is 35 mph and Track Warrant Control starts, Old Orchard, where the line turns west-southwest, South Webster, Webster Groves, Glendale, Oakland, the flat crossing with the Kirkwood Industrial Track at UP Xing/Fairlawn (MP 11.8), where the speed limit has risen to 45 mph, (South) Kirkwood, Windsor Springs, a jog north-northwest and then west-southwest again, Osage Hills, a turn just north of due west, Tree Court (MP 15.7), and a turn southwest.

The former Frisco tracks come back adjacent to south side of the former Missouri Pacific, now UP, tracks to Jefferson City, and will run in sight of them between east of Valley Park and the town of Pacific, past the end of double track and start of single track, CTC, at East Valley Park (MP 17.9), the spur east to the Fenton Chrysler Plant, on the south side at West Valley Park (MP 18.3), where the line turns west, Ranken, a turn southwest, Tyson, a turn west and then south-southwest, Crescent, (somewhere along here, the line passes the local Six Flags amusement park), a turn west, the 8,150 ft. siding at Eureka (MP 27.2), where the speed limit has rise to the lines maximum 60 mph, a detector at MP 29.5, Allenton, a turn southwest and then west again, and the 10,518 ft. siding at Pacific (MP 34.1), where the speed limit is 50 mph and the line turns south-southwest, away from the former MP.

Past Pacific, the line is out in open countryside, and lovely countryside it is, too. Fully-grown deciduous trees line lush fields, past Catawissa, where the line turns curvily southwest, Robertsville, the 6,542 ft. siding at Rook (MP 44.0), where the speed limit is 45 mph, Moselle, a sharp turn northwest and a gentler one back to curvily southwest, the 6,613 ft. siding at St. Clair (MP 52.2), the spur at MFA Spur (MP 54.1), a turn curvily south-southwest, a detector at Anaconda (MP 57.2), where the speed limit has risen to 50 mph and the line turns curvily west and then curvily just west of due south, the 7,644 ft. siding at Stanton (MP 62.2), where it turns curvily southwest, Sullivan (MP 68.1), the spur at Sho-Me (MP 71.0), where the speed limit has fallen to 40 mph, the spur at Bourbon (MP 74.3), the 6,545 ft. siding at Coffeyton (MP 77.2), where the speed limit has risen to 50 mph, and a detector at Leasburg (MP 78.8).

The line makes a sharp turn north-northwest, then west and then curvily southwest, past the 6,371 ft. siding at junction with the Lead Line sub., heading away south-southeast, at Cuba (MP 86.8), a turn west at Fanning, west southwest past the 6,811 ft. siding and spur at Rosati (MP 94.8), where the speed limit has risen to 55 mph, west and then west-southwest again past the spur at Manchester Packaging (MP 98.5), where the speed limit has dropped to 50 mph, Schundler (MP 99.1), and the spur at St. James (MP 100.4), southwest past a detector at MP 101.8, west past the 7,129 ft. siding at Dillon (MP 105.6) and the spur at Cantex (MP 107.6), and curvily southwest past the 3,160 ft. siding at Rolla (MP 110.6), where the speed limit is 40 mph.

All the way from St. Louis to Rolla, the line has been climbing steadily, and is now some 700 feet higher than at the beginning of the trip. It now proceeds down Rolla Hill, past Beaver, and turns west through Newburg, where there is a small yard, to the wye at Bundy Junction, a couple of miles beyond, where the branch to Fort Leonard Wood turns away on the south side while the line on to Springfield continues west.