Lenox to Wood River

From Lenox Tower (MP 269.7), located on the east side of the line, in the vee of the intersection with the Alton & Southern, the line turns north, paired with a former Big Four line, with the former route of the Illinois Terminal to the west, operating as paired track as far as Wood River, still DT, TWC, ABS, with speed limit rising from 30 mph at the junction to 79-50 at the spur at North Lenox (MP 268.8) past a dirt track grade crossing, a road bridge overhead, a bridge over a river, Roxanna (MP 265.0), where there are tracks serving oil refineries on the east side of the line, and where the NS line that had left on the north side at WR Tower now joins along the west side, four grade crossings, a line trailing in on the east side, Helm Leasing sidings on the east side, extra tracks at a fueling station on the east side, and a grade crossing, and falling to 40 mph at Wood River (MP 262.9), where the NS line and the former IT r-o-w head away west-northwest, from crossovers with the other lines.