Louisiana to West Quincy Junction

From the flat crossing with the Gateway Western line across the river at GWWR Xing (MP 83.6), where the speed restriction is 35 mph, and the junction with the Gateway Western's western quadrant connector, facing north, at Louisiana (MP 94.1), the single track line, resuming CTC, heads northwest, along the riverbank, and then west-northwest, somewhat away from the river, with speed restriction 45 mph, past Reading, where it turns north, Riverland, where it turns north-northwest, the 8,603 ft. siding at Ashburn (MP 104.3), alongside the river again, LaMotte, Busch, Clemens, Lock & Dam #22 on the river, Saverton, the spur from the south on the west side at Ilasco (MP 116.6), and the 9,300 ft. siding at Hannibal (MP 119.7), boyhood home of Samuel Clemens (“Mark Twain”), where the Hannibal Yard used to be and the speed restriction is 25 mph.

The railroad line(s) at Hannibal are down on the riverfront, within the flood plain. To the west of the BNSF line is a grassy park area. Beyond that is the Norfolk Southern (former Wabash) line from Kansas City, that trails in from the west at this point (and once had a connector to the BN line), turns parallel to the BN line, and curves away from the river just north of here, then turns east through a tunnel and crosses the BN line on the flat and then the river on a large multi-span through-truss bridge, headed east. On the west side, beyond the NS line, is a substantial flood wall, with some very large floodgates cut in it to allow access to the park and riverfront. The town of Hannibal, which looks like it hasn’t changed since at least the fifties, lies behind the floodwall.

The line continues northwest, along the river, past the flat crossing with the former Wabash at NS Xing (MP 120.8), and then leaves the riverbank temporarily (as the river turns away north), past Mungers, the spur at Helton (MP 125.7), where the line turns just west of due north the full line speed of 60 mph prevails, the spur at South River (MP 129.8), and the 7,176 ft. siding at Falk (MP 131.5), alongside the river again, where there is a 55 mph speed restriction, the wye on the west side at Mark (MP 134.1), where the former Burlington line from Kansas City trails in, and the line turns north-northeast, and then just east of due north past the 7.500 ft. siding and the yard on the west side, and the wye on the east side at West Quincy (MP 136.6), where the speed restriction is 25 mph as the west bank line turns northwest and the line from the northeast apex of the wye heads northeast across the multi-span through-truss bridge to Quincy and Galesburg.