Q Tower to WR Tower

At Q Tower (MP 281.0), the TRRA Yard Limits single track line coming northeast from M&O Junction (and the TRRA CTC single track line coming north from Trendley Avenue)  join with the Two Main Tracks, Traffic Control System, line northeast from the TRRA MacArthur Bridge District, where a number of lines coming east from the river bank used to cross at grade, and today's line splits into a TRRA line heading north-northwest to Bridge Junction, a TRRA line heading north-northeast (the Eads Conologue District), a Gateway Western (formerly PRR) line heading northeast and a CSX (formerly B&O) line heading northeast, all past the former location of Relay station just north of Q Tower.

The Springfield subdivision uses that "TRRA" line north-northwest, singe track, (formerly?) Direct Tarffic Control, the Venice Block, speed limit 25 mph, past a flat crossing with a Gateway Western line east to K Tower on the former PRR and B&O, the erstwhile  former TRRA CD Yard on the east side (now derelict land), Bridge Junction (MP 280.0), where a number of lines coming east from the river bank used to cross at grade, two Norfolk Southern lines split off on the east side, and the Gateway Western line from the flat crossing curves around and trails in on the west side, the Norfolk Southern (former Wabash) Brooklyn Yard (3-4 yard tracks) on the east side of the nearer NS line, and the Gateway Western yard on the west side at Venice (MP 278.0), where the speed limit rises to 40 mph, and the DTC Block is/was now the Granite Block.

A TRRA line heading east from Wiggins # 2 Yard bridges overhead, there is an autorack yard on the east side,an Illinois Terminal line once bridged overhead, a line from the Venice Power Plant trails in on the west side as the line gradually curves from north-northwest to north-northeast, the main Illinois Terminal route once bridged overhead, there is a grade crossing, a bridge over a road, the Merchants Bridge line bridges overhead between their Bremen and their SH Interlocking, and the Springfield subdivision and the former Wabash NS line continue their gradual curve around to the north-northeast, past a grade crossing, a closed factory on the east side, and another closed factory on the east side to reach WR Tower (MP 274.9), where a TRRA line approaches from the south (on the east side) from SH Interlocking, a line from the Melvin Price Army Depot approaches from the west, an NS line (the other one) heads north-northeast, and the Springfield subdivision, a former New York Central (Big Four) line whose right-of-way has been between the Springfield sub and the former wabash line all along, but is now extant, and the former Wabash line continue northeast.