SH Interlocking to WR Tower

At SH Interlocking (MP 8.4), the Merchants District line turns north, with connections south onto the Wiggins East Side District past Madison Yard, southeast and then south onto the Illinois Transfer District, passing along the east side of Madison Yard, and east to East Madison Junction, with connections south from the line north to all of these lines, also. The speed limit is now 25-20 on this DT, ABS, line, passing Hoyt,  where an NS spur from the east trails in, to WR Tower (MP 10.2), where the TRRA trails from the south side into the former Chicago & Alton line south along the east bank, the r-o-w of the former Big Four line, and the former Wabash line south along the east bank of the river, running side by side, coming from the southwest and heading northeast, intersecting with the (now) three separate lines, the former Big Four being still in existence east of here, the track trailing in from the Melvin Price Army Depot on the west side of the interlocking, and the NS line that departs to the north-northeast.

At WR Tower, Amtrak trains leave the TRRA for the former Alton, former GM&O, former ICG, former Chicago, Missouri & Western, and latterly Southern Pacific Chicago Short Line, now owned by UP, heading northeast.