Valley Junction to A&S Junction/NS Crossing

From the junction at Valley Junction (MP 2.2), where the TRRA Illinois Transfer District continues ahead, the A&S once made a flat crossing but now just curves away east-northeast, single track, Yard Limits, maximum speed 10 mph, past a bypass track turning away southeast, a connector from the former Cotton Belt Valley Yard, trailing in from the south, a turn southeast with a second connector from that bypass track trailing in from the south and the TRRA connector from the MacArthur Bridge trailing in on the north side, from the northwest, to the yard at  Gateway Yard (MP 4.0), where the maximum speed has risen to 20 mph, and Two Main Tracks, Yard Limits start at the east end, where the bypass track trails in on the south side and there is a wye with a track heading northeast from the east end of the former IC East St. Louis Yard that now becomes the main line, heading northeast to a flat crossing with south and west quadrant connectors with the former Southern at NS crossing (MP 4.5).