Willows Tower to Southern Interlocking and Valley Junction

From the junctions and flat crossings with the double-track former PRR and single track former B&O at Willows Tower (MP 3.4), the Illinois Transfer Distirct turns from southeast to south-southeast, and then south-southwest, Double Track, Automatic Block Signals, maximum speed 20 mph, past Winstanley, where the erstwhile former St. Louis & O'Fallon Railway once turned away east-southeast, a former flat crossing with the erstwhile former L&N, where the St. Louis MetroLink light rail line now bridges overhead, the junction at Illinois Avenue (MP 5.6), where a line turns away east-southeast, the line drops to single track, and the maximum speed drops to 15 mph, the junction (east quadrant connector) and flat crossing with the former Southern at Southern Interlock (MP 6.2), a former wye on the west side with an erstwhile TRRA line, a bridge carrying the east approach line from the MacArthur Bridge overhead, the junction at Valley Junction (MP 7.2), where a connector from the East Approach trails in on the west side, a connector to the former SP Valley Yard turns away southeast, a connector once turned away to the former IC line heading northwest, there was once a flat crossing with an erstwhile Alton & Southern line, a connector turns away southeast to the Illinois Central East St. Louis Yard, there are flat crossings with two connecting tracks heading west from that yard towards Hole-in-the-Wall and Q Tower, an erstwhile connector from the Alton & Southern once trailed in on the west side, the former MoPac/Cotton Belt (SP) joint track continues ahead, and the TRRA Illinois Transfer District line turns away west-northwest, to a flat crossing (on a connection to the Eads Conologue District) and south-quadrant connector with the Alton & Southern at 19th Street Crossing (MP 7.8), where an erstwhile interurban once crossed.