Hoffman Avenue to Newport

At the junction at Hoffman Avenue (MP CP 408.9/BNSF 429.1), where there is a signal bridge over the four tracks west of the junction, the four  CP and BNSF tracks form a joint track, 2MT, CTC, speed limit 70-50, to continue southeastward, with a signal bridge over the two tracks east of the junction, past two extra tracks (yard leads) on the north side, dual road bridges overhead, and a road bridge overhead, and BNSF’s Dayton’s Bluff Yard (MP CP 407.9/BNSF 428.3), with six tracks on the northeast side, and then south-southeastward past a signal bridge overhead, CP’s Pig’s Eye Yard (MP  CP 407.4/BNSF 427.5) on the southwest side, where the speed limit rises to 79 mph for passenger trains, 60 mph for intermodals, and 50 mph for other freights.

The BNSF yard ends, there is a footbridge overhead, a single yard lead on the northeast side, which disappears at the crossovers at Oakland (MP CP 406.5/BNSF 426.7), a road alongside to the east, and the track on the east side rising up and then descending again, and just east of south, still following the river, past an east-west road bridge overhead, an angled road bridge (connector) overhead, a wide road bridge overhead, and angled (connector) road bridge overhead, Dunn (MP 405.1), a footbridge overhead, a road bridge (east-west) overhead, and Red Rock (MP 403.1), with a detector at BNSF MP 424.4, to 'crossovers' at Newport (MP CP 402.5/BNSF 422.1), with a connector east to the CP line, a footbridge overhead, and a connector west from the CP line on the east side.