Newport to Saint Croix Junction

From 'crossovers' at Newport (MP CP 402.5/BNSF 422.1), with a connector east to the CP line, a footbridge overhead, and a connector west from the CP line on the east side, a pipeline bridge overhead (between the tracks and a refinery), and two grade crossings, the CP and BNSF lines separate, although remaining joint trackage (2MT, CTC, speed limit 79-60-50), with the CP line on the east side, used for northbound (westbound) trains, turning away south-southeast, and passing Cottage grove and Langdon, while the BNSF line on the west side, used for southbound (eastbound) trains, continues south along the east bank of the river, past a grade crossing, open fields, a dirt track grade crossing, St. Paul Park, a pond on the east side, with the river immediately to the west, a bridge over a side river, the CP line to the east at a much higher level, Pullman Avenue, a bridge over a side river (one for each line), and Curry, and then east before turning south-southeast, with a slide fence on the east side of the CP line as it descends on a ledge below cliffs, where it rejoins the CP track, past Lock & Dam #2 on the river, with a slide fence on the east side, below the bluffs, and MP 393, to crossovers at  St. Croix Junction (MP CP 392.1/BNSF 410.5), where the joint trackage ends, the two-track BNSF turns away to the east, and the single track CP turns south.