St. Anthony to Westminster

From St. Anthony (MP 7.1), where the Minnesota Commercial Railroad from the north crosses at grade, not with a flat crossing but with a series of connectors from a track trailing in on the north side as the connector on the south side turns away south, the ex-GN line expands to two tracks, a road bridge passes overhead, and then three tracks, and as Two Main Tracks, CTC,  from MP 7.0, speed limit 30 mph, continues just south of due east, with a connector on the north side to the St. Paul sub. (ex-NP) at Union Avenue, yards on both sides of the line, past crossovers at Midway (MP 5.1), Dale Street (MP 3.2), where the line turns east, and Jackson Street (MP 2.2), where the eponymous street bridges overhead, the former Great Northern Jackson Street roundhouse, now used by the Minnesota Transportation Museum, on the south side of the line, road bridges carrying I-35E overhead, and the junction with the connector on the north side, east to the UP Altoona sub., as the line curves south-southeast, at Westminster Street (MP 1.4), where erstwhile industrial spurs once headed south, bridging over Track 2 of the former NP St. Paul sub as it turns, with another connector from the UP Altoona sub. trailing in on the east side, to the junction at  Seventh Street (MP 0.5), where Track 1 of the St. Paul sub. trails in on the east side and Track 2 trails in on the west side, just north of the road bridge carrying 7th Street overhead.