University to Westminster

At University Avenue (MP 11.7), there is a signal bridge, a bridge over 19th Avenue, NE, as the former GN track continues south-southeast while the former NP tracks turns southeast, Two Main Tracks, CTC, speed limit 50 mph, past a through girder bridge over Monroe Street and 18th Avenue, NE, two tracks trailing in from the south, a bridge over Central Avenue, a bridge over Taylor Street, NE, a bridge over I-35W, and SE 10th Avenue, a line trailing in from the southeast, a former crossing with connectors in all four quadrants with an erstwhile NP line between industrial trackage near the Miller Bag Co., to the southwest, and former NP trackage heading northeast, a bridge over Stinson Boulevard and then over Hennepin Avenue, a grade crossing with Talmadge Avenue, crossovers at East Minneapolis (MP 9.8), a through girder bridge over Como Avenue, SE, Weeks Avenue alongside to the northeast, signals, the junction and angled flat crossing with southwest quadrant connector with the Minnesota Commercial from the north and out to the south, at Park Junction (MP 7.9), signals, and SR 280 bridging overhead.

There is a turn to the east, a bridge over Lake Avenue, the University of Minnesota Transitway alongside to the south and then turning to bridge overhead, another connection with the Midway sub. (former GN tracks) trailing in at the signals and crossovers at Union Avenue (MP 6.7), a road bridge overhead carrying Snelling Avenue, the former NP Como Shops at Bandana Square on the south side and Jessamine Avenue alongside to the north, bridges over Lexington Parkway and Chatsworth Avenue, a grade crossing with Como Avenue, two spurs off to the north and an extra track to the south, a turn east-northeast, crossings or bridges with Dale Street and Maryland Avenue, and then east again, with Cottage Avenue W alongside to the north.

There is a road bridge overhead carrying SR 49 (under construction in August, 2009), a junction with the CP St. Paul sub. trailing in on the north side as well as bridging overhead to a residual spur on the south side,  at Soo Line Junction (MP 2.3), where there was once a wye on the north side with the erstwhile Soo line to the northeast, and a road bridge carrying Jackson Street overhead, as the line turns south, past signals, a road bridge carrying Maryland Avenue overhead, a pedestrian/cycle bridge overhead, road bridges carrying I-35E overhead, and crossovers at Mississippi Street (MP 1.3), as the line turns south-southeast and then south again, the tracks separating and passing through tunnels beneath the city, with the UP Altoona sub. heading east-west passing overhead, Track 2 passing beneath the former GN (Midway sub.), Track 1 passing beneath the second connector from the UP Altoona sub., Lafayette Road and Seventh Avenue passing over the top, and to the south of the tunnels, the junction at  Seventh Street (MP 0.0/430.0), where Track 1 of the St. Paul sub. trails in on the east side and Track 2 trails in on the west side.