Westminster to Hoffman Avenue

From the junction at  Seventh Street (MP 430.0), in a cutting between retaining walls, where Track 1 of the St. Paul sub. trails in on the east side and Track 2 trails in on the west side, the Two Main Tracks, CTC, speed limit 50 mph, line turns to the south, with spurs for industrial trackage, including Diamond Products (LPG) on the west side, signals for the north apex of the wye, dual road bridges carrying I-94 overhead, the single-track west leg of a wye turning away to the west, bridging over 4th Street, with extra tack on the west side, and then passing beneath Third Street, curving west to pass beneath the road bridge carrying Lafayette Avenue overhead, to reach extra trackage on the north side at the former location of the erstwhile St. Paul Union Depot (SPUD), where the headhouse on the north side still stands and the former Milwaukee Road tracks to the west of that location, and the main line then curving to the south-southeast, as the two CP tracks trail in on the south leg of the wye, coming alongside to the south, past Division Street (MP 429.7) at the east end of the east leg, but not at the junction, bluffs on the northeast side of the line, and a signal bridge over the four tracks, to the junction at Hoffman Avenue (MP 429.1), where the four CP and BNSF tracks form a joint track to continue southeastward.