Bostic to Mt. Holly

From the 6,808 ft. east-side siding from North Bostic (MP 243.3), where the Back Lead (10 mph) goes off on the east side (MP 243.6), past Bostic Yard (MP 405.5) on the east side, to South Bostic (MP 245.0/404.9), the Charlotte subdivision to Monroe heads away curvily east, single track, Track Warrant Control-Direct Traffic Control, unsignaled, maximum speed 40 mph, in the Little Block, past Bostic (MP 403.6), where the Thermal Belt Railway (once a connection from a Southern line) trails in on the south side, the Little Block ends and the Ellenboro Block starts, turning south-southeast, east, just east of due south past Ellenboro (MP 400.0), where an erstwhile shortline once headed southwest, southeast, past the 50-car north-side dual-ended spur at Ellenboro Storage (MP 398.2), and Mooresboro, the end of the Ellenboro Block and start of the Lattimore Block at MP 395.7, east-northeast and east, past a detector at "Lattimore" (MP 391.5), where an erstwhile Southern line once crossed, and curvily east-southeast, past a west-facing north-side spur at PPG (MP 389.8), and the 6,200 ft. north-side  "Shelby" siding from MP 386.9, where the Lattimore Block ends and the Shelby Block starts to MP 385.0, where an erstwhile narrow-gauge shortline once connected, to Shelby (MP 383.7), where a former Southern branch heads south.

The line turns curvily northeast, past Waco, the end of the Shelby Block and start of the Cherryville Block at MP 377.6, a 30 mph speed restriction through Cherryville, from MP 374.3 to MP 371.2, a detector at "Cherryville" (MP 373.9), the 8,570 ft. south-side siding, from MP 371.2, past Cherryville (MP 370.8), to MP 369.9, where the Cherryville Block ends and the Iron Block begins, Crouse, a 25 mph speed restriction, through Lincolnton, from MP 363.6 to MP 361.6, where the erstwhile Carolina & Northwestern once crossed, and the 40-car dual-ended north-side spur at Lincolnton Storage (MP 362.3), east, past Boger City, south-southeast, past Iron, an east-facing south-side spur at Timken (MP 356.9), where the Iron Block ends and the Duke Block starts, Alexis, a detector at "Stanley" (MP 353.1), and a 25 mph speed restriction, through Stanley, from MP 349.4 to MP 347.9, southeast, past the 8,421 ft. south-side "Duke" siding, from MP 345.3, past MP 344.4, where the Duke Block ends and the Mt. Holly Block starts, to MP 344.0, and just south of due east, with a 25 mph speed restriction, through Mt. Holly, from MP 344.0 to MP 341.6, to the 10,100 ft. south-side  "Mt. Holly" siding, from MP 341.9, past the junction with the Terrell subdivision, north to Duke Power's Plant Marshall, at Mt. Holly (MP 341.8), to MP 339.3, end of the Mt. Holly Block and start of the Thrift Block, where the former Piedmont & Northern once trailed in from the southwest, and departs to the east, on the south side of the Charlotte sub.