Greenwood to Clinton/Dover

From the junction with the McCormick sub. from Augusta, trailing in on the south side at Salack (MP 428.2), start of Two Main Tracks, with crossovers both ways, and start of the three-track and three-spur south-side Maxwell Yard, the line turns northeast, with the former right of way of the Charlotte & Western Carolina (the line from Augusta) alongside to the south, just east of due north, with a 30 mph speed restriction, through Greenwood, from MP 426.6 to MP 424.7, past crossovers at Greenwood (MP 426.6), north end of the yard and start of a Scale Track and the 11,399 ft. Maxwell Siding, both on the south side, where an erstwhile line to Greenville once headed north-northwest, turning east-northeast past the end of the Scale Track and siding at North End Maxwell (MP 425.9), where an erstwhile Southern line once bridged overhead, the resumption of single track at North Greenwood (MP 424.7), where the maximum speed becomes 45 mph, a detector at "Greenwood" (MP 422.9), and the junction with the Spartanburg sub., heading away on the north side at Park Junction (MP 422.2), the line heads curvily northeast, single track, CTC, ABS, maximum speed 45 mph, past the 6,924 ft. north-side siding, from South McDowell (MP 421.7), past a west-facing north-side spur at Velux (MP 420.5), to North McDowell (MP 420.2).

There is a dual-ended south-side spur, from Solutia South (MP 417.9), where there is a west-facing south-side spur, to Solutia North (MP 417.7), a bridge over a reservoir on a dammed river, a 40 mph speed restriction, from MP 413.3 to MP 413.0, a turn curvily just east of due north, the 7,107 ft. south-side siding, from South Cross Hill (MP 412.5), past a dual-ended south-side spur for Cross Hill Storage (MP 411.0), to North Cross Hill (MP 410.9), Mountville, a turn north-northeast, a detector at "Fuller" (MP 402.2), the 6,930 ft. north-side siding, from South Fuller (MP 402.1) to North Fuller (MP 400.7), and the east-facing south-side spurs at Sterlite (MP 398.4), with a 25 mph speed restriction, from MP 398.4 to MP 396.0, to the junction with the CN&L sub., trailing in from the west, on the north side, at Clinton Connection (MP 397.0), where the line turns east-southeast, past an east-facing north-side spur at Clinton Storage (MP 396.3) and a 40 mph speed restriction, from MP 394.0 to MP 390.6, to the junction with the CN&L sub., heading away south-southeast to Columbia, on the south side, at Dover Connection (MP 394.9), where the line turns curvily east-northeast.