Hamlet to Dillon

From the south end of Hamlet Yard, on the east side, at Tex (MP 250.1), the line heads south-southwest, single track, CTC, ABS, past Diesel Shop (MP 250.5), where Track 3 departs on the east side from what then becomes Track 2, with a 20 mph speed restriction on Track 3 from MP 250.5 to MP 252.6, and a 25 mph speed restriction thence to MP 254.1, past the south end of Williams Yard, on the east side, at Warmac Interlocking (MP 252.7), where a crossover heads back to Track 2 and crossovers at Hamlet Avenue (MP 253.4), and Monroe Junction (MP 253.2), where Track 3 curves southeast to Bridges Street (MP 253.6), where the East-West Connection from the flat crossing with the S-line trails in on the south side, and continues southeast past the start of a 4,718 ft. siding on the south side, at NE East Jct. Siding (MP 254.0), that ends on the Andrews sub., and NE East Jct. (MP 254.1), where the Wilmington sub. turns away on the north side of the line to the Andrews sub., which heads south-southeast, past the end of the siding at SE East Junction (MP 255.0), single track, CTC, ABS, maximum speed 50 mph, past Scholl.

There is a 4,718 ft. west-side siding, and a 40 mph speed restriction, from MP 263.4 to MP 264.1, near Gibson, the border between North Carolina and South Carolina, the 10,259 ft. west-side siding at Fletcher (MP 267.0), a detector at "McColl' (MP 268.1), a 40 mph speed restriction, from MP 270.5 to MP 272.0, a junction with the Pee Dee Railroad, trailing in on the west side at McColl (MP 271.2), which had once continued as an erstwhile ACL line on the east side, a turn just west of due south, the 10,225 ft. east-side siding at Clio (MP 276.7), where an erstwhile ACL line once continued ahead and the former SCL line turns southeast, with a 45 mph speed restriction, from MP 277.3 to MP 277.6, past McInnis, Minturn (MP 282.6), a detector at "Little Rock" (MP 287.6), Little Rock,  a 35 mph speed restriction, from MP 292.1 to MP 293.2, and the 4,752 ft. west-side siding at Dillon (MP 293.0), where there is a connection on the west side to the A-line heading south to Florence (which crosses here), CTC and ABS end and Track Warrant Control-Direct Traffic Control, unsignaled, maximum speed 40 mph, starts on the rest of the Andrews sub.