Howells to Belt Junction

Two tracks (the "Inside Track" and the "Ouside Track") turn away north, from the line between Tilford Yard and Howell, and meet the "Old Way" coming north from Howell Tower, all CTC, ABS, maximum speed 10 mph, coming together at Huff Road (MP 575.3), where Two Main Tracks start, maximum speed 20 mph, past a crossover at South Wye (MP 575.1), where House Leads A&B  turn north-northwest to Howells Yard (MP 575.0) and the main line turns northeast, past East Wye (MP 574.7), where the Coach Lead trails in from the yard to the west, and there is a crossover, East Switch (MP 574.0), where the line reduces to single track, and an increase in the speed restriction to 40 mph at MP 573.9, turning curvily east, past a dual-ended spur on the south side at Mina (MP 572.0), with east-facing spurs for Fleet Trans. and Signal Mountain Cement on the side of that, where the Southern Main Line and MARTA heavy-rail line pass overhead, turning curvily east-southeast, past Lenox Road (MP 570.9), and east again, past a bridge over Peachtree Creek, and the 3,952 ft. south-side siding, from SE Emory (MP 568.8), where the west leg of the wye with the Belt Line departs on the south side, to NE Emory (MP 567.9), to the junction with the east leg of the wye with the Belt Line at Belt Line Junction (MP 567.5), where the line turns north.