Mt  Holly to Monroe

From the junction with the Terrell subdivision, north to Duke Power's Plant Marshall, at Mt. Holly (MP 341.8), to MP 339.3, end of the Mt. Holly Block and start of the Thrift Block, where the former Piedmont & Northern once trailed in from the southwest, and departs to the east, on the south side of the Charlotte sub., the latter heads curvily just south of due east, single track, Track Warrant Control-Direct Traffic Control, unsignaled, maximum speed 40 mph (but local 25 mph restriction through Mt. Holly to MP 341.6), past a 25 mph speed restriction through Charlotte, from MP 338.8 to MP 330.6, a detector at "Thrift" (MP 337.4), a trailing south-side connection from the former P&N at Thrift (MP 337.3), where there is an Amoco Terminal on the north side, the 17-car dual-ended south-side spur at Thrift Storage (MP 336.9), the end of the Thrift Block and start of Yard Limits at MP 336.0, turning southeast, past the three track Pinocca Yard (MP 334.4) on the south side, where there are spurs on the north side for the water works and the West Charlotte Industrial Park, and another trailing connection from the former P&N on the south side.

Yard Limits end and the Tryon Block starts at MP 333.0, start of the 6,039 ft. north-side Tryon Siding to MP 332.0, and the line continues past Hoskins, a 15 mph speed restriction, from MP 330.6 to MP 330.5, for the flat crossing with the NS Southern Main Line, a 25 mph speed restriction, through Charlotte, from MP 330.5 to MP 321.5, after which the full line speed prevails, the three track north-side Tryon Street Yard, from MP 330.1, past the site of the erstwhile SAL station at Charlotte (MP 330.0), to MP 329.8, where the Tryon Block ends and the Charlotte Block begins, a connection on the north side to the NS yard, where there was once a flat crossing with an erstwhile Southern line continuing south, Rama, the end of the Charlotte Block and start of the Matthews Block at MP 326.0, a 30 mph speed restriction, through Matthews, from MP 320.4 to MP 319.1, the end of the Matthews Block and start of the Stouts Block at MP 319.2, a detector at "Matthews" (MP 317.4), Indian Trail, a 60-car dual-ended north-side spur at Stouts Storage (MP 313.1), the end of the Stouts Block and start of the Lingle Block at MP 312.7, Shaleton, a dual-ended south-side spur for Charlotte Pipe (MP 311.5), Baker, a dual-ended south-side spur for Martin Marietta (MP 310.7), the end of the Lingle Block and start of Yard Limits at MP 307.7, and the junction where the Charlotte sub., trails in on the north side of the Monroe sub., at South Monroe (MP 306.2), where the north-side RC lead and the north-side Monroe Yard start.