Pembroke to Dillon

From Pembroke (MP 241.3), where it crosses the ex-SAL line from Hamlet to Wilmington on the flat, with a northwest-quadrant connector (speed limit 15 mph) permitting access to and from Hamlet Yard for trains from and to the north, the single track, CTC, former ACL, now CSX "A' Line, with speed limit 50 mph on the flat crossing, heading south-southwest, passes signals labeled "CSX Pembroke", a grade crossing, a street alongside to the east, MP 241.4, where full line speeds resume, a grade crossing, a detector at MP 242.4, a bridge over a stream, a road bridge overhead, South Pembroke (MP 243.2), where a line to Chadbourn once headed east-southeast, double track resumes and the passenger speed limit on the west track falls to 70 mph, a lake alongside to the west, dual road bridges overhead, two grade crossings, Intermediate Signals at Elrod (MP 246.3), where extra track on the west side trails in.

Single track starts again and full line speeds resume, at Purvis (MP 248.9), past two grade crossings, a spur on the east side to grain silos trailing in, a grade crossing, Intermediate Signals at North Rowland, a dirt road grade crossing, an old brick depot on the west side at Rowland (MP 252.8), two grade crossings in town, Intermediate Signals at "Stockyard", a spur to industry on the east side, a grade crossing, the state line between North Carolina and South Carolina, the 13,866 ft. west side siding at Hamill (MP 257.2), with a grade crossing, dual road bridges overhead, a grade crossing, a road bridge overhead, and the south facing spur at Dixon (MP 258.4), within the siding, a detector at MP 260.4, three grade crossings in town (Dillon), a spur on the west side heading away, three grade crossings, a brick depot on the west side at the Amtrak stop in Dillon (MP 262.2), a grade crossing, a street alongside to the north, a grade crossing, and a flat crossing at Dillon (MP 262.8) with the former SAL line from Hamlet to (eventually) Charleston, with a connecting track in the southwest quadrant (speed limit 35 mph), permitting access to and from Hamlet Yard, to the west, for trains from and to the south on the A Line.