Anacostia Junction to Alexandria Junction

From the junction with the RF&P at Anacostia (MP 6.34), the CSX Capital Subdivision, Alexandria extension, heads away southeast, single track, CTC, maximum speed 25 mph, but local speed restriction 15 mph, past a bridge across the Anacostia River, turning east at Shepherd Junction (MP 5.8), where the Shepherd Industrial Track trails in on the south side, double track, current-of-traffic (Rule 251), starts, the speed restriction ends, turning northeast past Benning (MP 5.0), where the connection from the junction with the east side of  the former Conrail Landover Line (now the preferred routing)  trails in on the west side, north past detectors at "Deanwood" (MP 4.8), the resumption of single track, CTC, at Chesapeake Junction (MP 3.8), where an erstwhile branch once headed east from a wye on the east side, north-northwest, passing beneath the Landover Line, and north, bridging over the Anacostia River again, and turning north past Jones Hill (MP 2.1), the border between the District of Columbia and Maryland, Blandensburg, and a detector at Upshur Street (MP 0.4), before turning north-northwest to the wye (10 mph west, 15 mph east) with the east side of the Capital Subdivision, at Riverdale (MP 0.0).