Baltimore to Philadelphia

From the crossovers at Carroll (MP 1.5), where the MARC lead splits off on the west side, past a grade crossing (Bayard Street), a signal bridge, a grade crossing (Ridgeley Street), a wide road bridge overhead (Russell Street), and a grade crossing (Warner Street), and turns north adjacent to the Bailey Wye (MP 0.7), where a line continues dead ahead and the CSX Freight Main Line, on the east side, also turns north, past a road bridge overhead (Ostend Street), the east leg of the wye trailing into the freight tracks, the Light Rail tracks on the east side, a footbridge overhead to the Ravens' stadium, HB Tower (MP 0.0/96.0), where the freight line separates to the east side, and a road bridge overhead (Martin Luther King Jr. Boulevard), to enter the terminal platforms (east side and center 'island' on three stub tracks) at Camden station, with speed limit 45-40 to MP 1.2, 30-25 to MP 0.5, and then 15 mph to the end of the terminal tracks in the rump of Camden station (somewhere before MP 0.0, with the portable buildings that now comprise the station facilities just to their north), the freight line continues north, single track, CTC, Yard Limits, maximum speed 50 mph, but local speed restriction 25 mph to MP 93.4.

The line passes the Howard Street Tunnel, the old Mount Royal station (two side platforms under an overall roof, at the north end of the tunnel, a 4,800 ft. east side siding from Mount Royal (MP 94.4), past a turn northwest and then just east of due north, over the top of the B&P Tunnels on the Northeast Corridor, North Avenue, a bridge over the Baltimore Light Rail tracks, once the PRR line to York, PA, the line of the Baltimore Trolley Museum, and the erstwhile Maryland & Pennsylvania,  to Huntingdon Avenue (MP 93.5), where it turns east, with a 35 mph speed restriction, from MP 93.4 to MP 90.8, through two short tunnels, past Hartford Road, the start of Two Main Tracks at Clifton Park (MP 91.5), where it turns southeast, Gay Street, a crossover and the south end of Bay View Yard at MP 90.8, where a line from Sparrows Point trails in from the south, the line turns just north of due east, and full line speeds prevail to the north, Bay View (MP 89.6), the north end of Bay View Yard  (MP 88.4), wehre teh line turns curvily northeast.

Yard Limits end at MP 87.4, and the line passes a bridge over a river, a grade crossing at BFI Crossing (MP 87.31), a grade crossing at Batavia Farm Road (MP 86.40), a grade crossing at Todds Lane (MP 86.08), a grade crossing at Schafers Lane (MP 85.91), a grade crossing at Contractors Road (MP 85.53), a bridge over a river, Rosedale, a bridge over a river, the start of single track, CTC, at Rossville (MP 84.4), a detector at MP 80.5, White Marsh (MP 80.3), a bridge over the Gunpowder River, with a 40 mph speed restriction, from MP 78.2 to MP 76.9, Loreley, Bradshaw, where it turns east-northeast, Joppa, a 10,450 ft. east side siding from West Van Bibber (MP 72.1) to East Van Bibber/Sewell, (MP 70.0), a detector at MP 68.2, Belcamp (MP 67.8), where it turns northeast again, Aberdeen (MP 63.2), Havre de Grace, and a 40 mph speed restriction, from MP 58.1 to MP 56.6, over the through-truss bridge over the Susquehanna River and the Port Road, at MP 56.9, and the 10,000 ft. east side siding from West Aikin (MP 56.4), where a Conrail connection trails in on the east side, to East Aikin (MP 54.5).

The line turns east-northeast, past Leslie, and a detector at Eder (MP 46.0), just north of due east, past the 10,800 ft. east side siding, from West Singerly/Childs (MP 43.7), where an erstwhile branch to Providence once headed north, to East Singerly (MP 41.6), Barksdale/Elk Mills (MP 40.5), the border between Maryland and Delaware, Newark, DE (MP 37.4), a former flat crossing (40 mph on the crossing) with an erstwhile PRR line, Stanton, the start of Yard Limits at MP 30.3, the 10,050 ft. west side siding, from Landenberg Junction (MP 29.4), where the Wilmington & Western trails in on the north side, past Wilsmere (MP 27.9), to Elsmere Junction (MP 27.2), where the Delaware Valley Railroad heads away on the north side, and there is a wye on the south side with the Market Street Industrial Track, before the line turns east-northeast, past the end of Yard Limits at MP 25.5, and a 40 mph speed restriction, from MP 25.5 to MP 24.8.

There is a detector at MP 21.5, Silverside (MP 21.0), where the line turns northeast, Arden, Carpenter, the border between Delaware and Pennsylvania, Ogden, Boothwyn, as the line turns east-northeast, Twin Oaks, the 16,555 ft. east side siding, from West Feltonville (MP 17.2), to East Feltonville (MP 13.9), Upland, where an erstwhile PRR line once crossed, Chester, where the line turns northeast again, Eddystone, Milmont, Fulsom, Holmes, Glenolda, where it turns east-northeast, Oakeola, Collingdale, a tunnel where it turns northeast again, the start of Two Main Tracks at Darby (MP 4.9), a 30 mph speed restriction, from Main Street grade crossing, Darby, to 58th Street, crossovers at 58th Street (MP 3.1), where it turns east-northeast again, and Yard Limits start, speed restriction 19 mph (but 30 mph on Track 1), a through-truss bridge at MP 2.9, a Conrail (branch from Eddystone) connection (10 mph on the turnout), trailing in on the east side at Eastwick (MP 2.4), a bridge over the Northeast Corridor, a turn southeast, bridging over the Schuylkill River on a through-truss bridge (15 mph speed restriction), turning northeast as a Conrail connection from South Philadelphia (10 mph on the turnout), trailing in on the east side, past a crossover (10 mph on the crossover) at RG Tower (MP 2.0), governed by Automatic Block Signals, after which CTC, Yard Limits, resumes, turning north-northeast at Locust Street (MP 0.5), north past MP 0.0/0.0 and the bridge carrying the tracks east from 30th Street to Suburban Station overhead, and the end of Two Main Tracks and start of single track, speed restriction 19 mph, at Vine (MP 0.2), and turning northwest, past an erstwhile line east to Reading Terminal and the erstwhile CSX/Conrail interchange, to the end-on junction with the Conrail Trenton Line at Park Junction (MP 1.3).