Hobson Yard, Lincoln, NE

Hobson Yard classifies 900 cars a day into 32 tracks. There are four arrival and four departure tracks, each holding 120 or more cars. There are on-line fueling racks for the coal trains passing the north and the south sides of the yard. While 50 coal trains and some intermodal trains pass the yard each day, 17 to 20 daily manifest jobs originate or terminate here, with six locals serving the areas within 100 miles, and seven daily long distance freights each way to or from Minneapolis (Northtown), Galesburg, Kansas City, Denver, Pasco, Tulsa, and Casper, WY.

With the 32 classification tracks in the center of the yard, there are six receiving tracks to its west (beyond the hump), with the departure tracks to their north. The arrival tracks are south of the classification yard, with a six-track grain yard south of them There is also a flat-switching North Yard, with fourteen tracks, as well as locomotive maintenance facilities in the northeast corner of the yard.