Murray Yard to 25th Street

From Kansas City, Murray Yard (MP 2.7 on the St. Joseph line), the through track on the west side, heading for the Hannibal Bridge, becomes Two Main Tracks, CTC, with speed limit 10 mph, past Ustick Tower (MP 1.6 on the St. Joseph line), where the line from Birmingham, MO (former CB&Q, Wabash and Rock Island) trails in from the northeast and the line turns south-southwest and then south to cross the Missouri River on the Hannibal Bridge (MP 1.0), also bridging voer the former MoPac line along the south bank of the river, turning west-southwest at the Gooseneck, a former crossing with erstwhile C&NW/CGW tracks, southwest at 5th Street (MP 0.5), where Yard Limits begin, where a connector from the former MoPac trails in, past a former flat crossing with the erstwhile line east to the erstwhile station at 8th & Grand, Union Avenue, where a connector to Hickory Street on the former MoPac heads west, a line to the Kansas City Terminal 12th Street Yard angles away southwest and then south-southwest, and another KCT line, through Old Union Station (right here), edges away on the east side.

There is a yard at 19th Street Yard (MP 0.0 on both lines), which trails back into the KCT line on the west side at its south end, and Chicago Junction, where connections to the KCT Hi-line (to Armstrong and Armourdale yards) and the Santa Fe to Argentine Yard continue ahead, while the Fort Scott line turns just east of due south past the connector east to today's Union Station, the flyover carrying the former Santa Fe main line overhead, the lower flyover carrying the connector from Union Station to the Hi-Line overhead, the flat crossing with the former Santa Fe main line, the junction with the connector from Union Station trailing in on the east side, another (low) flyover carrying a connector to the Hi-Line overhead, the connector from the former Santa Fe to the west trailing in on the west side, and the junction with the line off that last flyover, trailing in on the east side, all at 25th Street (MP 1.6 on the Fort Scott line), where 2MT, CTC, resume, heading southwest.