Napier to Kansas City (Murray Yard)

From the crossovers and junction between the former CB&Q line east from Lincoln and the former CB&Q line south from Pacific Junction, at Napier (MP 97.4), where the speed limit is 30 mph, the line turns south-southeast, Two Main Tracks, CTC, dropping to single track, CTC with the speed limit rising to 60 mph, past a detector at MP 92.2, Forest City (MP 89.7), where an erstwhile shortline once headed east, a detector at MP 88.9, Curzon's, and the 9,885 ft. siding at Starks (MP 85.0), turning east-southeast past Forbes (MP 83.2), east-northeast and then east past the 10,145 ft. siding at Nodaway (MP 77.0), east-southeast past Amazonia, where an erstwhile CB&Q line from Albia, IA, once trailed in from the north-northeast, and south, all following turns in the Missouri River, past a detector at MP 70.6.

The line comes alongside the east bank of the river past Water Works (MP 67.1), where 2MT resume and the speed limit drops to 50 mph, and turns just east of due south past a mileage equation MP 64.0 = MP 62.0, and south again, past crossovers and the junction with a line through the erstwhile St. Joseph Union Depot on the east side, and a connector west to a former Rock Island line on the river, at St. Joseph (MP 60.4), where the speed limit has dropped to 40 mph, turning south-southeast, with teh former right-of-way of an erstwhile Santa Fe line on the southeast side, past the former St. Joseph Belt trailing in on the west side at French (MP 56.7), where the line reduces to single track again, and continuing past a detector at MP 54.9, where the speed limit has returned to 60 mph, Lake, Kenmoor, where it turns southwest, the 9,837 ft. siding at Halls (MP 50.6), a turn back to the south-southwest, Rushville (MP 46.1, and the junction with an erstwhile Rock Island line that once trailed in from the east and the continuation of that line, still extant, heading west-southwest to Winthrop, at Davies (MP 45.9).

There is a 17,550 ft. siding, with crossovers in the middle, at Armour (MP 43.4), where a line from Winthrop once trailed in from the west-northwest and the line turns south-southeast, past Bean Lake, Iatan, the 9,975 ft. siding at Sadler (MP 34.8), where a spur to the unloading loop at the Iatan Power Plant turns away to the west, Weston (MP 30.9), and a detector at MP 30.8, turning just east of due south, still following the general course of the east bank of the Missouri River, past Beverly, where there was once a crossing with an erstwhile Rock Island and Chicago Great Western line to Leavenworth, the 17,965 ft. siding at East Leavenworth (MP 33.9), where there was once a CB&Q connector west to Leavenworth departing at an erstwhile wye on the west side, Farley and the 9,975 ft. siding at Waldron (MP 16.5), turning south-southeast just to touch the river bank, and then east, just south of due east past Parkville (MP 9.6), where the speed limit is 40 mph, again just touching the riverbank, and Clarke, where 2MT start again and the speed limit is 45 mph, reaching the riverbank again just before crossovers at Block 4 (MP 4.2), where the line turns south, and the "coal main line" splits from the remaining through track, with the former going to the east side of Murray Yard, heading for the ASB Bridge, and the latter to the west side, heading for the Hannibal Bridge, both with speed limit 10 mph, past Kansas City, Murray Yard (MP 2.7).