River Junction to Memphis

From the junction between the line from Kansas City and Springfield, coming in from the north-northwest, and the River Line from St. Louis, trailing in on the north side at River Junction (MP 462.6), the line heads south-southeast, single track, CTC, speed limit 60 mph, past Clarkdale, Jericho, a detector at MP 468.4, Harvard (MP 471.0), where Two Main Tracks, CTC, start (35 mph on the turnout, crossovers at MP 473.3 (25 mph on the crossovers), Marion (MP 474.0), where there is a spur 5.8 miles straight ahead to Hulbert and the mainline turns southeast past Chitgo (MP 475.4), where single track resumes (35 mph on the turnout).

There is a turn just east of due south, with a 45 mph speed restriction from MP 480.1 to MP 481.4, a flat crossing with the UP (former MoPac) main line at Bridge Junction (MP 481.4), a 25 mph speed restriction from MP 481.4 to MP 483.1, past a turn southeast, where an erstwhile spur to West Memphis continued ahead, and over the multi-span through truss Frisco Bridge over the Mississippi River, from Arkansas into Tennessee, turning just north of due east, past Shelco (MP 483.1), where Two Main Tracks begin again, a 20 mph speed restriction from MP 483.1 to MP 494.6, Kentucky Street, where the line comes along the south side of the UP (former MoPac) and the industrial trackage from Presidents Island trails in from the south, Texas Street, where the lines turn east, the flat crossing with the IC at Tower 17 (MP 483.8), a jog to the southeast and then east again, a turn to the southeast at KC Junction, where a CSX line and the UP head east, and a Norfolk Southern line heads south-southeast on the east side of the BNSF line before turning away east where an erstwhile MoPac line once crossed on the flat.

The line turns southeast, past an Illinois Central belt line bridging overhead, Yale Yard on the southwest side of the line, Oakville, N TY (MP 494.6), where single track resumes and Yard Limits for Tennessee Yard begin, and Tennessee Yard (MP 496.4) on the northeast side of the line.