Jamestown to Surrey Junction

From junction where the Red River Valley & Western (former NP) trails in from the north, a turn to the east, and shuttle-enabled rail-served grain elevators at Jamestown (MP 93.7 - MP 92.2/MP 99.2), where another RRVW (former NP) line heads south, the main line heads southeast, Double Track (current-of-traffic), Track Warrant Control, Automatic Block Signals, speed limit 60 mph (50 mph for empty coal trains, and 45 mph for trains with over 100 tons per operable brake), but local speed restriction of 30 mph, turning just north of due east past the end of Yard Limits at MP 99.0, MP 97.6, where full line speeds resume, and Bloom (MP 94.7), where single track resumes, bridging over an erstwhile SOO line and turning curvily east past Yard Limits between MP 90.2 and MP 87.0, a spur for Cargill (Ladish Malting) on the south side at Spiritwood, additional track at Rogers (MP 85.4), additional track at Urbana (MP 85.3), the 6,302 ft. siding at Eckelson (MP 81.4), the 7,940 ft. siding at Sanborn (MP 76.1), where an erstwhile branch once headed north,  and Hobart.

There is a turn just south of due east, a detector at MP 73.4, extra track on the south side at the shuttle-enabled rail-served grain elevators at Peavey Grain, the 6,371 ft. siding at North Berea (MP 70.2), the 6,330 ft. siding at South Berea (MP 69.2), a high-wide detector at MP 68.5, the erstwhile right-of-way of the original line across the upcoming valley at a low-level, departing on the south side, a turn just north of due east, a 50 mph speed restriction from MP 68.0 to MP 59.0, additional track at Valley City Industrial Park (MP 66.1), Valley City (MP 65.5), a turn just south of due east across the high-level steel trestle across the valley and the former SOO line (now CP) far below at MP 64.0, a high-wide detector at MP 61.8, the 6,648 ft. siding at Peak (MP 60.4), the erstwhile low-level r-o-w trailing in again on the south side as the line turns east-northeast and then just south of due east again.

The line now passes 52-car rail-served grain elevators at Oriska, the 6,306 ft. siding at Koldok (MP 52.4), Tower City (MP 49.7), a detector at MP 48.9, Buffalo (MP 43.8), Magnolia (MP 38.8), where Double Track (current-of-traffic) resumes, additional track at Wheatland (MP 34.2), and the junction with the former GN line from Minot on the north side (and once continuing across to head southeast) at Surrey Junction (MP 31.2).