Saunders to Duluth

From the junction between the Hinckley sub., coming from the south, and the Lakes sub., coming from the south-southwest, at Boylston (MP 11.8/12.6), with a road alongside to the east, a dirt road grade crossing, and two yard tracks on the east side, and the signals and junctions with connectors east and west to the CN (former Duluth, Missabe & Northern) at Saunders (MP 10.3), where there is a flyover over the CN, a former GN line turning away east to Ore Dock Yard and the erstwhile Allouez Ore Docks, MP 10, and a northwest quadrant connector from the former DMN, the former GN line to Superior continues just east of due north, Two Main Tracks, CTC, speed limit 50 mph, past the junctions with the CP/Soo line to East End, heading northeast, and an erstwhile Soo line on the west side at M&J Junction (MP 9.4), which includes an angled flat crossing, and a bridge over a road,  turning just west of due north to a former crossing with the erstwhile NP line from Carlton and the junctions between the former GN line through the yards, on the west side, and the former NP line on the east side, now known as the "Coal Runner", to the Midwest Energy Terminal, and the erstwhile connection with the East End Spur at the signals Central Avenue (MP 8.8), where a line trails in on the east side (from the erstwhle NP Hill Avenue Ore Yard), the two-track former GN line past 28th Street Yard takes the westerly fork, still heading north, and the Coal Runner takes the single-track easterly fork.

Former GN line

There is a grade crossing with 61st Street, Yard Limits start and the speed limit is greatly reduced at 54th Street (MP 7.6), past the yard on the east side at 28th Street Yard (MP 6.1), a former crossing with an erstwhile Duluth, South Shore & Atlantic line, a connector east to the former NP  "Coal Runner" line, two road bridges overhead, 17th Street Yard on the east side, locomotive facilities, including a maintenance shop, on the west side at Superior (MP 5.4), and (erstwhile?) angled flat crossings with the Coal Runner and with the east-west line east of LST&T Junction, where the Midwest Energy Terminal lies directly ahead, but not directly accessible, and a flat crossing with the east-west line.

Former NP "Coal Runner

The line heads north, with what appears to be a 10 mph speed limit, past a grade crossing, a wooded area, a dirt road grade crossing, where the dirt road then comes alongside to the west, and then ends where there is additional track on the west side, a dirt road grade crossing, a grade crossing at 61st Street (Coal Main), a track trailing in on the west side, two road bridges overhead, a line edging away on the east side, the location of the former passenger station on the east side of the line at Superior (MP 5.4), an (erstwhile?) angled flat crossing with the former GN line, and the wye junctions with the east-west line at LST&T Junction (MP 3.5), including a connector directly ahead into the Midwest Energy Terminal, which makes a flat crossing with the east-west line. 

Onward to Duluth

The main line turns west at LST&T Junction (MP 3.5), with a grade crossing on the west leg of the wye, past a flat crossing with a north-south line coming from 17th Street Yard, a road alongside to the south, a dirt road grade crossing, a grade crossing, a line curving away south at "1231" into a facility, a road bridge overhead, a causeway out into St. Louis Bay, with an elevated road bridge (US 2) alongside to the north, the through truss lifting bridge over the harbor, and passing from Wisconsin to Minnesota, at Grassy Point Draw (MP 2.0), the wye junction with the line around the west side of the harbor to Steelton (and back to Saunders) at Berwind Junction (MP 1.3/0.0), where the main line turns north-northeast, along the northwest side of the docks, past two road bridges overhead, ponds alongside on both sides, a dirt road grade crossing, spurs on the north side into a scrap yard, additional track to the northwest, a track curving away southeast, and a dirt road grade crossing.

A Missabe line used to bridge overhead onto Dock 5 (with a still-extant steel trestle), there is a pedestrian bridge overhead, and another Missabe line, that still goes onto Dock 6, bridges overhead on a steel trestle, there is a dirt road grade crossing, a street alongside to the southeast, the junction with a north quadrant connector from that Missabe line at Missabe Junction, a road bridge overhead, water alongside to the southeast, dual road bridges overhead (I-535), two road ramps overhead, two tracks curving away to the southeast to form a wye at 20th Avenue, where the twenty-four track Rice's Point Yard is to the southeast at right angles to the main line, a road bridge overhead, the other leg of the wye (Also two tracks) on the southeast side, a pedestrian bridge overhead, huge piles of limestone to the southeast, the yard at Garfield Avenue (MP 1.6) on the southeast side, a street alongside to the northwest, road ramps overhead, two tracks on the northwest side into a maintenance shed at the museum, and the former Union Passenger Station at Duluth (MP 2.9/150.1), now the Lake Superior Railroad Museum, with a stub end platform track on the northwest side, with brick platform and umbrella shed to its northwest, alongside the original station buildings now housing the museum's collection (with the waiting rooms, etc., in a building northwest of that), where the North Shore Scenic Railroad continues ahead, southeast of the museum, and a road bridge overhead just east of the museum buildings.