Atlanta to Stonewall

From the yard on the north side, between Tilford (MP 864.7) and Soujth Tilford (MP 863.8), the line heads down the slide and then just east of due south, single track, CTC, Automatic Block Signals, maximum speed 55 mph, but local restriction 10 mph, passing beneath CSX lines in the North Tunnel and NS lines in the South Tunnel, and passing a turn south-southeast and then south again, a 20 mph speed restriction, from MP 863.2 to MP 862.1, a north-facing east-side lead into Bellwood Yard at Bellwood Lead (MP 862.8), a turn just south of due west, where an erstwhile L&N line once continued south, and an erstwhile lead from Bellwood Yard once trailed in from the east-northeast, past the start of Two Main Tracks at South Bellwood (MP 862.4), a turn south, with a 25 mph speed restriction, from MP 862.1 to MP 861.7, a turn just south of due west, past Chappell Road (MP 861.8), a south-facing west-side spur for AGL Propane at Gasco (MP 859.7), and the resumption of single track at Stratford (MP 858.4).

The former Atlanta, Birmingham & Coast turns curvily south, past a branch from Fulco trailing in on the west side at Fulco Junction (MP 855.6), start of a 40 mph speed restriction to MP 846.5), two extra tracks on the east side at Fulco Storage Tracks, the 4,135 ft. west-side siding (10 mph on the siding), from NE Ben Hill (MP 853.9), past Ben Hill (MP 853.7) to SE Ben Hill (MP 852.8), the 40-car east-side Ackerman Storage (MP 848.0), turning south-southwest and then south again, past  a south-facing west-side spur to GE at MP 846.5, where the full line speed prevails, and a bridge carrying the former Atlanta & West Point overhead, turning just south of due west, past a north-facing, west-side connector to the former Atlanta & West Point at Vaughn (MP 846.1), ,a detector at MP 845.8 and the 5,949 ft. west-side siding, from NE Union City (MP 845.0), past the west-side connector from the former A&WP, trailing in at Stonewall (MP 844.0), to SE Union City (MP 843.7), and just west of due south, past the Union City Yard on both sides at Doghouse (MP 842.6).