Cordele to Fitzgerald

From Vienna (MP 704.6), where there are connectors on the west side to and from the parallel NS (former Georgia Southern and Florida) line coming south from Macon, on the east side, the 50-car west-facing south-side spur for Mid Georgia Processing (MP 704.2), the 25-car east-facing north-side spur for Georgia Pacific (MP 703.6), a detector at Ross (MP 700.7), and the 14,485 ft. north-side siding (30 mph on the siding, from N Ross (MP 699.1), past two dual-ended 30-car tracks on the north side, to S Ross (MP 696.2, a turn just south of due east, with a 50 mph speed restriction, from MP 697.2 to MP 695.5, past a 30 mph speed restriction for the flat crossing with the NS Macon line at MP 695.0 and the acute-angled flat crossing with the Heart of Georgia, between MP 695.5 and MP 694.3, a 50 mph speed restriction, from MP 694.3 to MP 692.0, after which full line speed prevails, and the 9,959 ft. south-side siding, from N Cordele (MP 694.3), past an additional dual-ended track for 45-cars on the south side, to S Cordele (MP 692.2), whence the line heads east-southeast, single track, CTC, ABS, maximum speed 60 mph, but with the aforesaid 50 mph speed restriction.

The line turns southeast, past Musselwhite, the 11,239 ft. south-side siding (30 mph on the siding), from N Hatley (MP 685.3) to S Hatley (MP 682.8), a detector at "Hatley" (MP 679.0), Double Run, where the erstwhile Hawkinsville and Florida Southern once crossed, and the 9,524 ft. south-side siding (25 mph on the siding), from N Rebecca (MP 673.8), past a 15-car east-facing north-side spur and a west-facing south-side spur, to S Rebecca (MP 671.8), turning east at Arp and east-southeast at Abba, past Westwood and a detector at "Fitzgerald" (MP 662.1), turning southeast and then east, where an erstwhile line from Thomasville once trailed in from the southwest, past the start of Yard Limits at MP 660.7, the 8,830 ft. south-side siding (25 mph on the siding), from N Fitzgerald (MP 660.5), with five yard tracks (10 mph) holding 95 cars on the south side at Pea Patch, to S Fitzgerald (MP 658.8), a 25 mph speed restriction, from MP 659.5 to MP 656.9, the end of Yard Limits at MP 658.0, and the west-facing south-side Ocilla Spur at MP 657.4, where the erstwhile Ocilla Southern once crossed.