Fitzgerald to Waycross

From the junction where an erstwhile line from Thomasville once trailed in from the southwest, past the start of Yard Limits at MP 660.7, the 8,830 ft. south-side siding (25 mph on the siding), from N Fitzgerald (MP 660.5), with five yard tracks (10 mph) holding 95 cars on the south side at Pea Patch, to S Fitzgerald (MP 658.8), a 25 mph speed restriction, from MP 659.5 to MP 656.9, the end of Yard Limits at MP 658.0, and the west-facing south-side Ocilla Spur at MP 657.4, where the erstwhile Ocilla Southern once crossed, the line heads east-southeast, single track, CTC, ABS, maximum speed 60 mph, past a 20-car west-facing north-side spur at MP 656.5, the 18-car south-side Deep South Runaround (MP 655.5), with a west-facing spur on the south side, the 12-car east-facing north-side spur at Interstate (MP 655.3, the signal at Fitzgerald Holdout (MP 655.0), the 25-car west-facing north-side Gilman spur and 12-car west-facing south-side Wood Yard spur at MP 654.7, the 20-car east-facing south-side spur at Southern Veneer (MP 654.2), and the 11,000 ft. south-side siding (30 mph on the siding), from N Osierfield (MP 651.0) to S Osierfield (MP 649.0), where the erstwhile Ocilla & Valdosta once crossed, and the 8-car east-facing north-side House Track at MP 648.8.

The line turns southeast, with a 55 mph speed restriction, from MP 648.0 to MP 647.8, past Wray, a detector at "Ambrose" (MP 641.7), the 10-car west-facing south-side spur at Paulk & Griffin (MP 640.5), Ambrose, the 12-car west-facing south-side spur at Golden Poultry (MP 638.8), Bushnell, the 7,663 ft. north-side siding (25 mph on the siding), from N Upton (MP 632.8), past the 5-car west-facing south-side spur at ESCO (MP 632.1) and the 8-car west-facing south-side spur at Douglas Asphalt (MP 631.4) to S Upton (MP 631.2), the 50-car south-side track, from N Douglas (MP 629.1), past a 12-car dual-ended spur on the south side, with a 10-car east-facing spur on its south side for RW Griffin, and a 4-car east-facing spur for Waldron, to S Douglas (MP 628.4), where the erstwhile Georgia & Florida once crossed, turning east, past Chatterton, a detector at "Saginaw" (MP 624.0), the 10,423 ft. south-side siding (30 mph on the siding), from N Saginaw (MP 620.9) to S Saginaw (MP 618.3), and Nicholls.

There is a 7,889 ft. south-side siding (25 mph on the siding), from N Sessons (MP 614.1), past the 30-car west-facing south-side spur at #2 Sessons (MP 613.6), to S Sessons (MP 612.7), with a 50 mph speed restriction from MP 613.2 to MP 612.7, where an erstwhile line to Brunswick once headed east-northeast and the line turns south-southeast, past Murray, Beach, a detector at "Bolen" (MP 606.0), the 10,781 ft. north-side siding (25 mph on the siding), from N Bolen (MP 603.4) to S Bolen (MP 601.2), a 50 mph speed restriction, from MP 600.1 to MP 600.0, past the 3-car east-facing north side spur at Crawley Wood, a 45 mph speed restriction, from MP 593.6 to MP 593.4, and Haywood, turning southeast, south-southwest, and just east of due south, past a signal at Jamestown Holdout (MP 591.1), a 30 mph speed restriction, from MP 589.1 to MP 588.2, and the east-facing south-side Brickyard Lead (MP 588.9).

The line turns just west of due south (where it once continued ahead and an erstwhile shortline trailed in on the east side, with a 15 mph speed restriction, from MP 588.2 to Brunswick Junction (MP 586.7), turning east-southeast to the junction at  Lang (MP 587.9), where an ACL line from Pearson (and once from Albany) trails in from just north of due west, and the erstwhile Waycross & Western once trailed in from the west-southwest, passing the west apex of the "wye" with the Jesup sub. at Nichols Street (MP 587.7), where the north leg heads to Brunswick Junction and the south leg to Rice Yard, with the north leg continuing east-southeast, past Tibeau Street (MP 587.1), where the rump of the original line from Fitzgerald trails in on the north side, to Brunswick Junction (MP 586.7), where the former ACL line to Brunswick once continued ahead to a flat crossing with the ACL line from Jesup to Valdosta, and today's line takes the west quadrant connector around to join that former ACL line, heading south-southwest, past the former location of the Union Station at Waycross (MP 587.5), to South Wye (MP 587.8), where a connector back to the south leg of the wye from Nichols Street turns west, the line to Rice Yard continues ahead, and the line to Folkston and Jacksonville turns southeast.