La Grange to Manchester

From the junction with the Atlanta & West Point sub., trailing in from the southwest, at [La Grange] Main Street (MP 818.9/71.2), where Two Main Tracks start, with the north track 45 mph to MP 69.1 and the south track 45 mph to MP 71.0, a crossover at MP 71.0, where the south track becomes 30 mph to MP 69.1, the east-facing north-side Dunson Lead, three extra tracks on the south side, and the junction with the former Atlanta & West Point, heading away northeast, at Lafayette  Conn. (MP 69.1/816.7), the former Atlanta, Birmingham & Coast turns curvily southeast, single track, CTC, ABS, maximum speed 50 mph, but local speed restriction 40 mph, from MP 816.7 to MP 814.5 (north track) and MP 808.1 (south track), past five extra tracks on the west side, an east leg of the wye with the Atlanta line, trailing in on the north side at Purvis #2 Track (MP 816.0), two extra tracks still on the south side, crossovers at JR Mapp (MP 815.6), where an erstwhile Macon & Birmingham line once crossed, a 30 mph speed restriction on the north track, from MP 814.5 to MP 814.0), and the reduction to single track, speed restriction 40 mph, at South La Grange (MP 814.0).

There is an east-facing north-side spur at Rawls Wood Yard (MP 812.0), Knott, Big Springs, a detector at "Stovall" (MP 809.5), a 35 mph speed restriction, from MP 808.1 to MP 807.1, after which the full line speed prevails, a dual-ended spur on the south side at Stovall (MP 805.0), a dual-ended spur on the south side for Georgia Pacific, an east-facing north-side spur for a Wood Yard at Durand (MP 800.0), a bridge over a former Central of Georgia line, the 10,000 ft. north-side siding, from NE campground (MP 798.6), past an east-facing spur on the north side, to SE Campground (MP 796.4), a detector at "Warm Springs' (MP 793.3), a former crossing with an erstwhile Southern line at Warm Springs, an east-facing south-side spur at Goody (MP 790.0), start of a 30 mph speed restriction to MP 788.5, Childs (MP 789.5), start of the New Run Around on the south side, a west-facing spur on the south side of the main track at Fifth Avenue (MP 788.6), the west leg of a wye on the north side with the Manchester sub. from Atlanta, a 10 mph speed restriction, from MP 788.5 to MP 788.1, the east leg of the wye, trailing in from the north at NE Manchester (MP 788.3), start of a 7,300 ft. west-side siding, with four extra tracks to its west, with a 20 mph speed restriction from MP 788.1 to MP 787.9, a 30 mph speed restriction, from MP 787.9 to MP 783.7, to SE Manchester (MP 786.1).